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ODA/TOPLINE Sales Seminar - Our focus is in Building Sales Capacity, as a result throughout this seminar sales is always connected to all of the departments in the firm.

This seminar presents the complete sales process. The seminar can be presented in house for any client. It is of particular value for sales reps and managers who want to develop their ability to achieve higher goals in sales.

We take a very broad view of sales and marketing helping the participants see the entire firm's role in achieving TOPLINE success.

We begin with the fundamentals of communications, which is at the core of successful selling. Individual topics include listening, presenting and the use of questions. Each of these topics is interactive and experiential with extensive classroom participation.

The ODA business development process is presented first in outline form. The relationship between Marketing and Business Development is explored.

Continuing the participatory method, each element of the sales process is presented, practiced and honed for each seminar attendee.

Using Case Studies, the sales process is developed so that each participant takes home a sales approach which works for their individual selling situation.

Additional topics covered include: handling customer complaints, superior customer service techniques, proactive problem solving in sales, and new material on sales hunting in today's business environment.

The ODA senior business advisor helps the participants carry the learning to the marketplace.

The material developed in this program becomes the foundation for coaching ongoing sales performance.