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K.A.S.H. (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits) -
This seminar presents two main topics and system of training and an introduction to marketing and sales.

The seminar starts with a review and understanding of the benefits of effective employee training.  An investment approach is used to ensure that managers spend the time necessary to develop their employees.

This is followed by a discussion on the principles of adult learning which helps the participants put themselves in the shoes of their trainees.

We continue with the development of the ODA four step train the process.  The emphasis here is also on the methodology of “train the trainer.”  This multiplication technique provides real value to the participant and the firm.

The seminar continues with a discussion of the basic principles of Marketing and Sales.  Different types of sales processes and techniques are discussed.

Finally, the participants are exposed to the Kraft/ODA sales process, which is practiced in a step by step role playing exercise.

At this seminar we also discuss the principles of goal setting.

The take home work includes Kraft consultants working with participants on setting up employee training programs for their employees.