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Landscaper - Growth and Diversification


Design/Build Landscaping



Company Structure

Financial Measurements

Senior Managers and Professionals Development

Customer Service



Design Build Landscape firm in a very competitive high end wealthy market, embarking on a period of rapid growth.  Owned by two partners.  One location and one product line.  At the start, little depth in key professional positions: sales, design, project and production management and admin. The firm had been in business for several years with a good reputation for quality and customer service.

Owner’s Goals

Take advantage of large influx of business to grow substantially in size and build a deeper team of professionals. Become a market leader in the area.  Maintain a high end company image. Develop better business model including financial metrics. 

Actions taken.

Over five years, several major initiatives and actions were taken working with the owner and staff of the firm.

-          Existing team of owners and senior managers attended numerous ODA public, private and advanced seminars.  Evaluation, position by position, on the number and type of employees needed to sustain growth.

-          Critical positions developed including: senior designer sales, senior designer, project manager, foremen with extensive benchmarking to industry standards for qualifications, performance, structure and compensation

-          Recruiting of increased staff for all of these positions

-          Development of compensation system

-          Evaluation and development of all administrative structure and systems matching the growth in the firm

-          Evaluation and implementation of opportunities for growth both in product lines and locations.  New lines and locales opened.  

-          On a continuing basis all middle level managers and professionals trained including Kraft/ODA public seminars.

-          Extensive development of production management and costing systems.

-          Recruited and oriented Controller for the firm.

-          Ongoing coaching of owners and senior management team.


The partner’s goals were met for the overall growth of the business, the development of a deep bench to take advantage of opportunities and the diversification of the business into new business areas and geography.