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Production Company - Professional Services


Client Development

Professional Services



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Present or potential Kraft/ODA client with professional service needs which the Kraft Consultant feels are beyond his ability to deliver.

Owners Goals

The owner has goals which require services in addition to the Organizational Development work for which Kraft was hired.  These services may be a new requirement or a replacement of the current supplier.  Often the need has been uncovered by the Kraft consulting process.

Actions taken

At any time in the relationship the Kraft/ODA consultant may be involved in the selection, evaluation and sometimes the management of other external providers.

Kraft regularly helps firms decide when it is best to bring these capabilities in house as opposed to out sourcing.

Examples from previous Kraft work include:

Work done by or subbed out and billed by Kraft:

-          Financial management services including business valuation, job costing etc.

-          Professional project management training

-          Retained key position recruitment

-          Marketing and Advertising management, project or ongoing

Work managed or coordinated as part of our normal fee structure but not billed.

-          Finance

-          Marketing and Advertising

-          Recruiting

-          Business valuation

-          Mergers and acquisitions 


The owner’s goals are successfully and efficiently met for outside services without having to set up full time capability in that area.