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Design Build Landscaper

Landscape maintenance, plant health care

Balance Work and Family


Company Culture

Financial Measurements



Design Build Landscape owned by husband and wife with opportunities for growth.  The firm had been in business for eight years and had an excellent reputation for quality and customer service.  They had taken steps to set up a diverse offering of design build, maintenance and seasonal color which had helped them achieve growth and a strong company image. 

Owners Goals

The owners wanted help in deciding the future path for the firm.  They also wanted help in evaluating their current team and setting standards of quality in the marketplace and in their lives.  Owners wanted to develop a culture of learning in the firm.

Actions taken

Over two years, several major initiatives and actions were taken working with the owner and staff of the firm.

-          Existing team of owners and senior managers attended numerous ODA public, private and advanced seminars.  Evaluation, position by position on the number and type of employees needed to achieve goals. Analysis and evaluation of the critical success measurements for key positions like sales and department managers.

-          Working with the owners, developed standards of measurement and implemented programs to evaluate their success.

-          Developed the management system to run three different businesses under one roof.

-          Evaluation and development of all administrative structure and systems matching the size of the firm

-          Helped owners decide the right size for their firm to balance their work and family and to achieve their qualitative goals for the firm.


The family’s goals were met for setting their future course with particular emphasis on the quality of their work and family balance.