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Family Business - Multiple Business Units


Retail, Garden Center

Landscape Distribution Center

Design Build Landscaping

Family Succession

Senior Managers and Professionals Development

Customer Service



Large organization with several businesses, retail, wholesales, landscape, design in a very competitive wealthy environment.  The senior partner has controlling ownership of several firms with different partners.  He wished to stay involved in varying degrees in the various firms and look for successors where possible including his two sons.  All of the firms are successful in their own right and in some cases work together to serve customers.    

Owners Goals:

Improve the reliable and repeatable success of the businesses, coach and support senior partner, family and other partners and senior managers to run the businesses.  Develop senior management teams in place.  Maintain the Senior Partner’s vision and standards in all of the firms, for good management, customer service and treatment of employees.

Actions taken.

Over 25years, four Kraft consultants have worked and currently work with the various firms.  Many initiatives and actions were taken working with the senior partner and other owners and staff of the firms involved.

-         Owner’s family and all of the senior managers received training, coaching and skill building in their roles. Extensive use of Kraft/ODA public and private seminars.

-         Middle level managers and professionals with potential were identified and plans made for their development.

-         First level supervisors were identified and received appropriate training.

-         Customized training and coaching programs were set up for several groups of employees: department managers, customer service reps etc.


Owner’s goals achieved for succession with each business unit.