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Industrial Distributor - TOP LINE GROWTH


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This firm distributes products for a variety of industries.

Owner’s Goals

This is an established business which has encountered changes in their marketplace. The owner seeks to polish his company image, build market share and profits and protect the value of the firm. 

Actions taken.

In the first three months:

-          The existing approach to the marketplace was studied including a review of the sales approach and personnel.

-          The role of technical support personnel in the sales process was carefully evaluated.

-          The relationship between the sales department and technical support was adjusted to improve performance, in part by the use of regular sales meeting.

Ongoing actions which followed:

-          Sales training for all employees involved.  

-          Coaching of managers and professionals to change and then fine tune the approach.

-          A new sales compensation program was implemented for both the sales and technical support personnel to more accurately reflect performance.

-         Changes followed in the make up of the product mix sold by the distributor.

-          Increased emphasis has resulted in growth in the Aftermarket.

-          The role of owner was adjusted to focus more on business development.


Improved focus on the sales side improved market share. The elimination of some products increased the effort on the most profitable lines. The owner believes he is now building on a more positive company image.