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Family Business - Production Grower


Production Grower

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Large, privately owned diversified grower with sales through wholesale channels and company owned distribution centers.  The firm has been in business for many years with a good reputation and market share. 

Owners Goals:

Improve the reliable and repeatable success of the business, develop senior management team to assist owner and family, take advantage of more growing capacity with increased market penetration.

Actions taken.

Over three years, several major initiatives and actions were taken working with the owner and staff of the firm.

-          Owner’s family and Senior Management team received training, coaching and skill building in their roles.  Meeting formats, frequency and agendas were developed to improve reporting at their management meetings which assisted decision making and planning at the top level of the firm.

This group managed a company wide Quality Improvement Initiative.

-          Middle level managers and professionals with potential were identified and an ongoing training program was implemented including Kraft/ODA public seminars for selected attendees.  Also, a facilitator training program was initiated to enable these individuals to help establish and run the quality improvement program as team leaders.

-          First level supervisors were identified and received the facilitator training as well so that they could run the quality improvement teams in their area.  These were predominately Hispanic supervisors and employees.  Worked with the owners to develop Spanish training programs.

-          Customized training and coaching programs were set up for several groups of employees: customer service reps in the office; customer service reps at the two distribution centers, field sales personnel and plant material delivery personnel.


The results if the Quality Improvement Program benefitted the firm in several ways:

                            Employee development

                            Process and quality improvement

                            Company image: the firm presented the Quality Team report at the

                               Mid Am trade show in Chicago

The results of the coaching of the family and senior managers resulted in the owner’s goals being met for succession.