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Family Business - Succession Planning


Family Succession planning

Family relationships

Residential services businesses

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Business controls and systems



Family Businesses.  Established firms with successful market presences in very competitive markets.  Multiple product lines in place. Family owned for many years.  Business processes well established but inconsistent and not always up to date.  Family members in a variety of roles full and part time.   

Owners Goals

The members wish for cooperation with each other but realize that the family wealth is tied to the success of the business.  All would prefer clearer roles for the various family relatives.  Succession planning to the children has been discussed and perhaps initiated. Financial advice is still needed.  Growth is desired but sometimes feared.  The owners wish to build on the future success and create a lasting foundation for their family business.

Actions taken

-          A formal Discovery is used to establish benchmarks and focus expectations.

-          Initial business analysis must be done carefully because of historical and family “gut” biases and misunderstandings.  

-          Extensive use of behavioral instruments and interviewing is used to evaluate and develop common ground.

-          Formal communications processes: meetings, dinners, financial reporting etc are established.

-          Establishment of a process to uncover and support the next generation’s roles in the business.

-          Review and improvement of administrative systems

-          Business training to achieve common ground

-          Senior management development to allow owners to achieve personal goals.

-          Sales and customer service training including the use of Spanish translators 


In addition to the normal goals we have for success for our clients we introduce the conditions of fairness, stability and predictable performance.