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Residential Design Build Firm - TOP LINE DEVELOPMENT


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This relatively new firm designs, builds and installs high end products for the discriminating home owner.

Owner’s Goals

Develop and implement a more broad based approach to the marketplace to increase sales and develop repeat buisness. Polish the company image to add value to the enterprise for potential sale. 

Actions taken.

In the first three months:

-          The existing selling team was reviewed, assessed and evaluated. Action was taken to recruit, select and hire additional sales reps. An appropriate onboarding and orientation process was established for new sales reps. A structure of regular sales meetings was established to improve communications. Initially the ODA consultant managed these meetings to establish a timely agenda and effective communications.

-          Their performance measurement and compensation system was brought up to speed to attract and retain excellent sales personnel.

-          The relationship between the firm and its key suppliers was evaluated and upgraded to reduce lag time and tighten the communications.

Ongoing actions which followed:

-          A fundamental review was conducted of the Marketing programs, advertsing and participation in trade shows.

-          A coaching process was established to monitor and improve field sales performance.  


Market penetration improved and the business was ready for sale by owner.